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Parco Macchine 1

Milling Department

Our milling department consists of:

  • 2 5-axis machining centers
  • 4 3-axis machining centers
  • 3 manual fast head milling machines
  • 1 slotting machine


With Maximum working range:

  • X travel: 3000 mm
  • Y travel: 800 mm
  • Z travel: 800 mm

Turning Department

Our turning department consists of:

  • 2 CNC lathes with Y axis
  • 1 CNC lathe with C axis
  • 2 2-axis CNC lathes
  • 2 parallel manual lathes


With Maximum working range:

  • Turning diameter under spindle: 720 mm
  • Turnable length: 1350 mm
Parco Macchine 2
Parco Macchine 3

Grinding Department

Our grinding department consists of:

  • 1 tangential grinding with Maximum working range: 

X 1000 mm

Y 600 mm

Z 500 mm

  • 1 universal grinding with Maximum working range: 

Diameter: 300 mm

Length: 1000 mm

Carpentry Department

Officina Preziosa is equipped with a corner dedicated to welding of all kinds that allows you to carry out small carpentry work.

Parco Macchine 4
Parco Macchine 5

Metrology and Testing Room

The metrology room uses CNC technology that allows you to make three-dimensional measurements thanks to the great mobility of the ruby head.

The reliability of these measurements, accurate to the thousandth of a millimeter, is guaranteed by the CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines) and by the regulation of the thermal conditions in which they are performed.

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