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Officina Preziosa
specializes in field
of precision mechanics

Our turning, milling and grinding departments are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery capable of producing any kind of mechanical component.

The CNC technology that we have allows the machines to work in almost complete autonomy with high standards of precision and a high rate of process repeatability, which can be modified and improved at any time.

Our company deals specifically with the production of single pieces and assemblies, tooling, spare parts, small productions, small carpentry, general adjustments, heat and surface treatments.


The milling process, used in a multitude of very different situations, allows us to create a wide range of surfaces and to obtain geometrically articulated shapes:


Turning is a machining for chip removal mainly used to make pieces attributable to solids of revolution.

The integration of the turning and milling departments allows us to obtain parts with complex geometries and minimum tolerances thus allowing us to quickly satisfy any request:


The accuracy of our grinding department guarantees us the removal of a moderate amount of material with considerable precision.
We eliminate any type of deformation to create uniform finished products with impeccable finishes:


Our work also consists in the assembly of the single mechanical components to obtain assembled units conforming to the required project:

Our products always reach high quality standards thanks to the careful selection of materials and the use of cutting-edge technology.

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